Ellen Jenny – Dlaboka Bolka (2014)
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After 13 years Ellen Jenny is singing again in Macedonian. Her come-back is with the song Dlaboka Bolka for which she has been doing a video clip in February 2014. The recording took 6 days. Place of making-off: Skopje (center of the city, Vodno & Faculty of Art), Strumica (Carevi Kuli) and Kolesino Waterfalls (Macedonia).

Raiss Tijani (Mouv’Mantais) – producer of Dlaboka Bolka.

Special thanks for these 6 days of recording of the video to:

– Farid (Assil Production) – cameraman;

– Viktor (Pro Light, Skopje) – light engineer;

– KUD Goce Delcev – traditional Macedonian dance group with 22 dancers and Vasil Pandev & Antonio as their professors;

– Kompleks Carevi Kuli in Strumica for their beautiful place of recording as well as restaurant;

– David Krax for his technical assistance;

– Elena for the make-up and dresses;

– Sandwich-Shop « Ami » in Strumica for toasts and drinks….

…and all the others that I might have forgotten.

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