RELEASED: December 1st 2012
ARTIST: The Blue Stuff
LABEL: Mémoire De Blues
PRODUCER: Mémoire De Blues
The Blue Stuff – “THE WIZARD” (2012)

Ellen Jenny – a part of the band The Blue Stuff (May 2011 – February 2013).

The Blue Stuff released the album « The Wizard » in 2012. Previously the band has released two albums without Ellen. As soon as she joined the band, they worked on a third album and The Wizard has seen the day on December 1st, 2012.

The Wizard is composed of 10 songs, 7 of which are original songs written by the band’s members:

1. All is over (2.40) – (Franck Martin/Philippe Decarra)

2. Playing the blues (3.38) – (Franck Martin/Ellen Jenny)

3. My car and my guitar (2.43) – (Eric Pol/Philippe Decarra)

4.  I fell in love (3.14) – (Eric Pol/Ellen Jenny)

5. Remember (5.05) – (Franck Martin/Philippe Decarra)

6. The Wizard (3.37) – (Franck Martin)

7. A man or a boy (2.42) – (Franck Martin/Ellen Jenny)

These 7 songs are on sale on the famous digital platforms (Amazon, iTunes, Fnac…).

The Blue Stuff recorded also three other songs which are not their creations but a reproduction of famous writers:

8. Mama he treats your daughter mean (2.50) – (Johnny Wallace /Herbert J. Lance)

9. Any other way (2.34) – (Chuck Jackson / William Bell)

10. You’re my girl (2.38) – (Billy Boy Arnold)

The numbers 8, 9 and 10 are not for sale. We recorded them only for pleasure.

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