RELEASED: April 1st 2012
ARTIST: King Of Paradise
LABEL: Mastergun Records
PRODUCER: Mastergun Records
King Of Paradise – “THANKS UK” (2012)

Ellen Jenny joined King of Paradise in August 2011. From that period until the end of 2014, she was working on song writing together with Fred Gun, composing lyrics & melodies.

Ellen Jenny was the lead singer of the first album released by “King of Paradise (KOP)” in rock-pop-electro style, called “THANKS UK”.

The album THANKS UK © 2012 is composed of 11 original songs.

KOP is an invention of Fred GUN (guitar / bass / synthesizer / programing / mixing). Crystal Clare (singer) & Zouz (bassist) participated also in the elaboration of the first album.

The songs are played at several French and worldwide radios [ALTERNANTES FM 98.1, BRITISHROCK RADIO, COLORIAGE FM 103.9, RADIO CAMPUS LILLE 106.6, Radio FMR TOULOUSE 89.1, French Poker Radio, La Grosse Radio, Rock en Folie, Radio Libertaire (France), Belgique Poker Radio, Radio QUARTZ, PACIFIC FM (Belgium), LPROCK webradio, AM VinylRiff (Canada), GASHOUSE RADIO (USA), THE WALL, ARFM Pigtails And Army Boot (UK), ROCKRADIO UKW 88.4 / 90.7 (Berlin, Germany)].

Several magazines are also talking about King of Paradise, like Rock-Addict along others.


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