RELEASED: September 1st 2005
ARTIST: Ellen Jenny
Ellen Jenny sings Patricia in Macedonian (2003-2005)

This single is a tribute to Patricia Kaas. All lyrics are written by Ellen Jenny in Macedonian.

1. Богати се (« They are rich) (2003-2005)

2. Артист (« Artist ») (2003-2005)

3. Тоа си ти голема авантура (« That’s you my adventure ») (2003-2005)

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  1. Valdeyde says:

    P.S.i repeat this as often as nedeed through the an easy going way. NOt through gritted teerth and clenched anus its essential to practise effortlesslypema choden has a great approach, she invites us to sit meditatively and relaxedly sink into the mayhem. not to wish it were different not to rush the process to get tot he happy bit.what i noticed is that the cold prickles began to warm up. my awareness of it changed it. no positive thinking fact the opposite. !!!!later .

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