RELEASED: August 1st 2013
ARTIST: Ellen Jenny
LABEL: Ellen Jenny Production
PRODUCER: Ellen Jenny Production
Ellen Jenny – “JANIS” (2013)

While Ellen Jenny was still leaving in her native village Monospitovo, it happened very often she was singing with local musicians for the celebrations of the village(s) (Monospitovo, or the villages next to it, or the nearest town, Strumica). Among the songs she sang were the famous Mercedes Benz or Maybe from Janis Joplin. At this period, Ellen Jenny was a country girl dreaming about a big glory in a big city.

The name JANIS for this album was quite obvious, it incarnates the universe of Ellen Jenny at her very young age.

Native of Macedonia, she discovers at a very early age American pop-rock-folk music (thanks to her father’s records) as well as gospel music: from the age of 6 she sang in her church’s choir.

During her village holidays, Ellen interprets the songs of her idol Janis Joplin. All the villagers nicknamed her « JANIS ». A first big show in Macedonia at the age of 13, and it’s the kick off: Ellen will never stop singing; it is for her, her biggest happiness. In 2001, she decides to try her luck in France…

While meeting Franck Martin (guitarist) in Paris in 2011, the idea of the project « JANIS  » took shape. This new accomplice composes for Ellen, and incites her to return to her first musical passions, to become once more what she really is.

Give soul to beautiful melodies, most elegantly and most effectively as possible: it’s with this key idea in mind that the choice of an acoustic sound was made: a guitar, a voice… leaving the beautiful part to the imagination of future arrangements. Ellen Jenny wrote in English all the lyrics of the project and composed 3 songs, Franck Martin composed the other songs of the album except one, written by an accomplice, Eric Pol. All in all 12 demos, 12 songs full of colors and pop / folk flavor.


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