RELEASED: February 27th 2012
ARTIST: Ellen Jenny feat Apocaliptik (2012)
LABEL: Apocaliptik
PRODUCER: Apocaliptik
Ellen Jenny feat Apocaliptik – « Never Too Late » (2012)

NEVER TOO LATE is a single realized with the members of the band Apocaliptik in 2012.

For one of the songs, « Never Too Late » a video clip has been also realized.

The song « Never Too Late » is also a part of the single « Face 2-1 » of Stan Apocaliptik, while the song « Les Différences » is on the album of the band Apocaliptik, called « Irréversible », released in 2013.

« Irréversible » is on sale all over France in shops like Fnac, etc. Read an article regarding the album!




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  1. Raktim says:

    Hi bryanBelieve it or not we met back in the mid nineties at a chucrh called Network Church in High Point NC.You were a blessing then and I know the Lord brought you to my mind today. You were so down to earth. I own a radio station now in Hamilton Texas. The radio station is a classic country format. I do a live program on Sundays at 7:30 called Speaking recovery. Its a recovery based program, kinda like a meeting on the air. Anyway i’ll be in touch, maybe we can break bread together again. Tim

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