RELEASED: November 9th 2010
ARTIST: Ellen Jenny & Aladin
LABEL: Independent
PRODUCER: Independent
Ellen Jenny & Aladin – “A Song for Haiti” single (2010)

Ellen Jenny & Aladin (Tchouandom Deyou Harding) participated in the humanitarian program for Haiti, held in Yaoundé, Cameroon, called “Tous ensemble pour Haiti” with this song which has been co-produced in Republic of Cameroon, France, and US,  and has been approved by Sjunca, a CNN iReport producer.

The team: lhe lyrics & melody by Ellen & Aladin; music & arrangement by Adah Akenji; Recording studio of Jimi Dimitri Lekama Eyong (Yaoundé, Cameroon).

Video filmed by Motherland Entertainment (Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon, West Africa); Producer: Chembifon Muna; Production coordinator: Tata Agwo; Microhealth Global Consulting, Inc.; Video by Antoni Ansarov (FL., USA).

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