ELARIA : duo guitar/voice

Question for Ellen: what makes you wiling to work with Sohel?

Although he has a tough character, I admire his implication in the work he does. When you know his soul, you’d know that he has a beautiful soul. I know that when he works on a song, he puts his heart inside. That’s why I love working with him. When we do things with love, we would definitively have great results. I hope our songs with achieve the goals.

Question for Sohel: what makes you wiling to work with Ellen?

What I admire in Ellen it’s her enthusiasm, great humor and professionalism. Her voice is a plus. Working with her makes me feel like working with a big professional. She’s always on time and ready to work! Simply said, I can count on her reactivity and availability.

Elaria is a duo guitar/voice: Ellen Jenny (voice) & Sohel Tir (guitar)

Ellen Jenny met Sohel Tir in October 2013 while Ellen was recording one song in the studio of Sohel Tir’s brother, Mélik Tir, a singer and composer as well.

This first day, the energy of art did its work. Immediately, both, Ellen & Sohel felt the power of what they can do together in music. sohel invited Ellen to play the main role in its musical comedy LE CADEAU, and soon after he composed songs for Ellen.

ELARIA, the name, came naturally, EL & ARIA, ELARIA. El Aria is a village and rural commune in the Trarza Region of south-western Mauritania. Aria as a female given name, Aria (לביאה) means ‘lioness’ in Hebrew, or ‘air’ in Italian. It also refers to « aria », a self-contained piece for one voice usually, most commonly found in the context of opera (source: wikipedia).

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