Create in a band is a nice thing to do!

In a band we exchange feelings and passion! We create with several heads and thus many ideas are here. Sometimes it’s hard, cause everyone has a vision, and the inspiration is various. So, you will understand that we have to focus on elaborating a common art work and not a piece of work of one person. The final result is always a common work.

Usually, we start from something, a member comes with its ideas, and the other members imply to arrange the song, to structure it, giving their ideas.

Ellen Jenny as an artist singer-songwriter, creates her melodies and lyrics almost all the time. It arrives therefore, that she sings also songs created specially for her by her colleagues. It happens also that she brings her songs with the guitar tabs and lyrics, which the musicians arrange afterwards. There is no rule! The only rule is to do music and create songs with a heart and passion. Ellen Jenny does music by passion and not for money!

Her band today – the one and only – the best ever – the most incredible in terms of musical match and team inspiration and spirit – is – Strysles.

Ellen met the Strysles’ guys in May 2015 and it was like fusion for real. Take a look at the band’s website – – you will find all kind of information there about the work – especially the new baby – a new CD « Tic Tac » – tic, tac, tic, tac, the time flies – so live your life on the best possible way!!!


Now here is something about former bands (hereunder)!

ELARIA : duo guitar/voice

Question for Ellen: what makes you wiling to work with Sohel?

Although he has a tough character, I admire his implication in the work he does. When you know his soul, you’d know that he has a beautiful soul. I know that when he works on a song, he puts his heart inside. That’s why I love working with him. When we do things with love, we would definitively have great results. I hope our songs with achieve the goals.

Question for Sohel: what makes you wiling to work with Ellen?

What I admire in Ellen it’s her enthusiasm, great humor and professionalism. Her voice is a plus. Working with her makes me feel like working with a big professional. She’s always on time and ready to work! Simply said, I can count on her reactivity and availability.

Elaria is a duo guitar/voice: Ellen Jenny (voice) & Sohel Tir (guitar)

Ellen Jenny met Sohel Tir in October 2013 while Ellen was recording one song in the studio of Sohel Tir’s brother, Mélik Tir, a singer and composer as well.

This first day, the energy of art did its work. Immediately, both, Ellen & Sohel felt the power of what they can do together in music. sohel invited Ellen to play the main role in its musical comedy LE CADEAU, and soon after he composed songs for Ellen.

ELARIA, the name, came naturally, EL & ARIA, ELARIA. El Aria is a village and rural commune in the Trarza Region of south-western Mauritania. Aria as a female given name, Aria (לביאה) means ‘lioness’ in Hebrew, or ‘air’ in Italian. It also refers to « aria », a self-contained piece for one voice usually, most commonly found in the context of opera (source: wikipedia).

THE YARES: pop-folk-rock band

The Yares is a French pop-folk-rock band composed of 4 members: Ellen Jenny (voice), René-Pierre “RP” (guitar), Rico (bass guitar) and Yann (drums).

The Yares is born in 2013 when RP met Ellen, who afterwards presented her to Yann (RP & Yann knew each other since couple of months and tried to form a band). And finally in January 2014, Rico (a long time friend of Ellen) has become a part of the band.

The band’s inspirations are from the folk and rock from the 60s up today.

The Yares makes you listen to a raw sound like in the songs “N’oublie pas” and « You and I » but also softer songs like « Stories of Life » and « Lying in the dark », a martial songs mixing a subtle tone like “Another life”, or songs with festive tone like “Je m’en sors” and simply folk like « Country Girl”.

An EP with 4 tracks is already available. It was recorded and mixed by Stéphane Da Silva.

Through its concerts, The Yares wants to have fun and of course to please the audience!


LEGEND is a band specially formed to assure animations on diverse events.

Whatever your project is: wedding, birthday, reception, gala, dinner, cocktail, dance party, all king of private or corporate party, and whatever its size (intimate, family or friendly), LEGEND can offer you the best of music.

LEGEND will offer you the best way to surprise your guests and have fun at your event. Each of the members of the band has more than 15 / 20 years of experience in the music field. We come from different nationalities and our main goal is to make your guest dance, but also participate in the show… we can offer you a memorable music animation.

And if you desire more than music for your event, within its strong network of artistes (comedians, dancers, painters, acrobats, etc.), LEGEND can provide you the most appropriate artist for your event.


Happy Duck is a funk band which reproduces famous funk songs! The HAPPY DUCK recycles the best of Funk of the 70’s / 80’s.

The angry duck likes walkabouts, mass hysteria, but above all, he loves to share his joy of music on the stage. If we are so happy, it is because the songs we sang and play are far from being sad. We play songs from Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Womack & Womack, Randy Crawford, Jamiroquai and so on.

The band is composed of: Ellen Jenny (voice), Fabrice Delmas (guitar), Frederick Preguica (bass guitar), Cedric Rougier (keyboard) and Hervé Balmelle (drums).

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