Ellen Jenny - The biggining of a singing career (1993 - 2001)

Ellen Jenny, originate from Macedonia is a singer-songwriter, living and working today in Luxembourg. She is born in 1980 in a small village in Macedonia called Monospitovo (in the area of Strumica town). She started to sing in a church choir at the age of 6, sang solo at 13 (in the famous disco in her village, disco “Kiss”) and created her first band at 14 (band “LEDMI”). Her first solo appearance as a singer was on « Strumica’s spring Festival » in her native town Strumica, when she was 14. She discovered her song writing talent a little bit later, at 17, when she composed and wrote the lyrics of her song “Come at midnight” in Macedonian (not released until today).

In 2000, Ellen Jenny sang on « Melfest” (Prilep, Macedonia), a festival for young singers. Being very much in love with the French music, Ellen Jenny participated on several French Song’s Competitions in Skopje, Macedonia. In 2000 she won the 1st price and represented Macedonia at the International French Song Festival in Split, Croatia, on which she won the 3rd price. Her biggest success in Macedonia was her performance on “Skopje Fest 2001”, the biggest Festival for modern music in Macedonia, with the song “Ti si moj grev” (You are my sin), which was on the top 10 play-list on the “Macedonian radio – Radio Skopje” for a while. Listen it on youtube.com.

Skopje Fest: one of the biggest festivals in Macedonia

Ellen Jenny (2001 - 2010)

Ellen Jenny left Macedonia in 2001. From this moment, several happenings are describing her artist’s road: Telethon 2001, Miss Suisse Romande 2002, ARIA Festival 2003, concert with the biggest Macedonian star Tose Proeski in Switzerland in 2003 (disco « Pink », Zug & disco « Palma », Bern), live shows with duo « 18 CARATS » 2006-2007 (France, Suisse, Djibouti). Ellen was part of several rock bands in Paris. She sang on Emergenza Festival and Fallenfest in 2008 with Licite Fondation, on Festival Sin Fronteras  at Cabaret Sauvage in 2010 with Schyzodrome. In parallel, Ellen was part of « PARIS 13 » choir directed by Mr. Pierre Molina. In 2010, Ellen Jenny participated in the humanitarian program for Haiti, held in Yaoundé, Cameroon, called « Tous ensemble pour Haiti » (in English « All together for Haiti ») with the song « Haiti » (co-writing the song with Aladin), which is by the way approved by Sjunca, a CNN iReport producer. Listen it on: ireport.cnn.com.

Festival Sin Fronteras (Paris, 2010)

All together for Haiti (Yaoundé, 2010)

Ellen Jenny (2010 - 2014) - First album in 2010

In 2010, Ellen composed her own project, an album of 11 songs in urban style called “Everyday life stories”. She is the singer-songwriter of the project, all written in English, for which she has been inspired by the US tendencies like Beyoncé, Rihanna, etc. Listen to the album on zikinf.com. A video of the song « As long as you stay » is produced by Antoni Ansarov (US).

Meanwhile, Ellen did some featuring with French rappers: the song « Nevet Too Late » with Stan Apocaliptik, for which she did a video clip (produced by Sammy Hossenny Production) that was broadcasted on Direct Star, M6 Music and MCM in 2012 (watch it on youtube.com), « Tu ne peux pas » with Mamad, Yaway, Benks (present at many legal platform like Amazon etc.), and finaly with Medis and ME2S (songs still not released). A second featuring with Apocaliptik, the song « Les Différences » is on the band’s album « Irréversible » distributed all over France since December 2013, beyond others on Fnac (French chain of stores). A third featuring, the song « Meeting in Paris » with this band is still not released.

From the album Everyday Life Stories

Florida, making by Antoni Ansarov

From the single Never Too Late

Paris, making by Sammy Hossenny Production

Energy - Blues Attitude

Since May 2011 until February 2013, Ellen Jenny has been singing and composing into the blues band “The Blue Stuff”. The album “The Wizard” © 2012, composed of 10 songs, has been released for promotion of the band. You can buy the CD (7 songs) on eMusic, iTunes, Amazon, Fnac, etc.

Thoughts about my country - Pop-folk Attitude

In September 2012, Ellen Jenny finished her new project called “JANIS”, an album composed of 12 original pop/folk songs, with an acoustic sound: a guitar and a voice. Ellen is the singer, and Franck Martin is the guitarist (cf. Ellen met Franck in 2011 as he is the guitarist of “The Blue Stuff”). Ellen wrote in English all the lyrics of the project, and composed 3 songs, Franck composed 8 songs, while Eric Pol composed one song. The “JANIS” project is inspired by the music Ellen was listening in her early years, specially the vinyl records of her Dad, like The Doors, Deep Purple, Janis Joplin, etc. The name JANIS was obvious, because when Ellen was 20 and less, she was that girl who sang all the songs from Janis Joplin in her village, while the village people called her Janis. The album is present on many legal platforms like iTunes, Amazon, etc. Listen some of them on zikinf.com.

Ellen Jenny - Nineteen Ninety-Eight (2012)

Ellen Jenny - Our love is gone (2012)

Craziness - Rock Attitude

Since August 2011, Ellen Jenny has been working (as author and singer) on the project “King of Paradise (K.O.P.)” created by Fred Mastergun. K.O.P. released its first album “THANKS UK” © 2012, composed of 11 original songs that you can buy on bandcamp.com or other legal platforms like iTunes, etc. The songs are played at several French and worldwide radios [ALTERNANTES FM 98.1, BRITISHROCK RADIO, COLORIAGE FM 103.9, RADIO CAMPUS LILLE 106.6, Radio FMR TOULOUSE 89.1, French Poker Radio, La Grosse Radio, Rock en Folie (France), Belgique Poker Radio, Radio QUARTZ, PACIFIC FM (Belgium), LPROCK webradio, AM VinylRiff (Canada), GASHOUSE RADIO (USA), THE WALL, ARFM Pigtails And Army Boot (UK), ROCKRADIO UKW 88.4 / 90.7 (Berlin, Germany)]. Today, “King of Paradise” is preparing its second project “ALL IN” in which Ellen Jenny is also participating preparing some lyrics and singing some (if not all) of the songs.

King of paradise - Gramophone (2012)

In the mood for groove - Funk Attitude

During the second half of 2012, Ellen Jenny worked with Spee from Spee Banger Productions. This collaboration resulted in two funky songs for Ellen Jenny’s single “Fusion Funky” released in 2013, which you can download on Jamendo.com.

2014 for Ellen Jenny is a Crazy Year

In September 2013, Ellen Jenny created together with three other musicians « THE YARES » band, preparing an album for the French public. Ellen Jenny writes and composed with the rest of the band members. In July 2014, THE YARES released its first EP with 4 songs and you can buy « Voulez-Vous? » on Amazon, iTunes

The Yares - Country Girl (2014)

Ellen Jenny writes songs with Sohel Tir and they are both composing the duo « Elaria ». Very offten Hervé Balmelle (drumrs) is playing also with Elaria.

Humanitarian Action – In January 2014, Ellen Jenny took part of a project for gathering money for a school in Gaza, Palestine, participating in the « Faut qu’on y aille » song & video produced by Raiss Tijani. See it on youtube.com.

ACTRESS: Ellen Jenny has the first role in a musical show « Le Cadeau », whose scenario is writen by Sohel Tir & staging by Lucie Itela (first release of the show: March, 20th, 2014 in Salle Jacques-Brel, Montigny-le-Bretonneux).

Further on, Ellen Jenny was working with Raiss Tijani, the Director of Mouv’Mantais (independent French label) on her project in Macedonian called « Dlaboka Bolka », with an original image and sound, the style is an invention mixing European pop-rock with traditional Macedonian music. The lyrics are in Macedonian. The first song from the project together with a video clip has been released on April, 17th, 2014 on YouTube (Watch the video of DLABOKA BOLKA). The song was broadcast for the first time on Sitel TV (national Macedonian TV channel) on Saturday 19th April 2014 at 9:15 am in the morning program « I love Macedonia », at the invitation of Anita Daeva (Watch the video).

Soon after the song went on the air on several other national & local radio & TV stations, among which: Македонско Радио Прва Програма (First National Macedonian Radio), Македонско Радио Радио 2 (Second National Macedonian Radio), Канал 77 (Popular National Macedonian Radio), Сити Радио Скопје (Local Macedonian Radio – Skopje, Macedonia), Хит Радио Струмица (Local Macedonian Radio – Strumica, Macedonia), Македонска Телевизија МТВ (First National Macedonian Television), Сител ТВ (Second National Macedonian Television), ТВ Канал Вис & Интел Телевизија (Local Macedonian TV stations – Strumica, Macedonia).

Come back in Macedonia after 13 years of absence

Ellen Jenny is affirmed songwriter (her songs are protected at the SACEM). She wooks with diverses musicians and composers. And, the stories are never gonna end!

Ellen Jenny leaves Paris (the crazy city) and moves to Luxembourg

Strysles (moder rock band from Luxembourg) welcomes Elena

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